5 Reasons to LOVE: Baby Jogger City Select



  1. Versatility. The City Select has the amazing ability to go from a single stroller to a double with ease with 16 different configurations.
  2. Accessories: Baby Jogger has a plethora of available accessories to suit every family.  HyChair, Glider Board, Carry Bag, Bassinet Kit, Weather Coverings, and multiple Car Seat adaptors are a few of the available add-ons!
  3. Fold: Simple, compact, and secure, the City Select folds like a dream.  Tips: In single mode, the seat can be left on. The glider board can always be left on in the up position. Remove tires to get the most compact fit. Latch keeps the chassis closed to prevent finger pinching! CitySelect3
  4. Seating:  The City Select has comfortable seats that grow with your child.  The canopy can be moved up, buckles adjusted, and the footrest extended to make room for your taller rider. (The seat can be used for a child up to 45 pounds!)CitySelect4
  5. Smooth Driving: With the ‘never need to be pumped’ forever-air tires, this easy to maneuver stroller is a breeze to push. No matter how many kids are riding, the weight distribution never seems to be a problem!



Do you remember the clown car video?  There was a Baby Jogger City Select folded and put behind the 3rd row with a City Mini!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to NKB for testing and review purposes.  

Written by Vanessa

During a Q&A on EarlyMama.com, Vanessa described herself perfectly. “I am an actress, a spotlight hog, a performer looking for a stage; I am a researcher looking for the answers; I am a 5th Ave. girl stuck in a drool-covered T-shirt; and, most importantly, I am a mom looking for the best for her children.”

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