Something Cute, for pumping Moms everywhere

Tomorrow kicks off World Breastfeeding Month 2014, a celebration of breastfeeding across the globe.  Whether a mom is exclusively latching, pumping, or a combination of both, this is the time to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments!!! Starting the praise is a super cute video for all the pumping Moms…. PUMP ACROSS AMERICA Thank you Snugabell … [Read more…]

Welcome Jill!


Please welcome Jill to the Nessa Knows Best team!  Jill is a mother of 2 tandem nursing boys, who help make her an invaluable resource to the breastfeeding community! While Jill works full-time, she also is a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC).  She works to help normalize breastfeeding by helping Mama’s meet their nursing goals and … [Read more…]