World Breastfeeding Month 2014

Happy World Breastfeeding Month! Below is my interview with the awesome people behind The Big Pink Bus…  remember that?  Milk For Thought took a bus around the country to fuel the breastfeeding movement.  I was lucky enough to host a large event, Latch On Hudson Valley, and get interviewed for their documentary.  Here is my interview, … [Read more…]

Something Cute, for pumping Moms everywhere

Tomorrow kicks off World Breastfeeding Month 2014, a celebration of breastfeeding across the globe.  Whether a mom is exclusively latching, pumping, or a combination of both, this is the time to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments!!! Starting the praise is a super cute video for all the pumping Moms…. PUMP ACROSS AMERICA Thank you Snugabell … [Read more…]

Maternity Dress SALE: Ingrid and Isabel

Looking good while pregnant in the summer is a full-time job.  I have never been this far along (or this large) during these hot summer months and I am having a horrible time finding clothes.  While google searching maternity ware, I found this great company called Ingrid and Isabel.  They design beautiful, wearable maternity clothing … [Read more…]

SALE: Holistic First Aid Kits

HolisticFirstAid1_Fotor SALE

Dragonfly Holistic is having a sale on their AMAZING First Aid Kits and other must-have products.  For all the information, check out Marnie’s blog. Nessa Knows Best recently featured the first aid kit and we highly recommend it! Read our glowing review. Ready to shop?  Direct link to Dragonfly Holistic’s Shop HERE.