5 Reasons to LOVE: Quinny Zapp Xtra


  1. Fold: Unmatched in the stroller industry, this compact fold is simply amazing.  In the photo above, the complete stroller is folded- including the seat! Quinny also makes a travel bag to help at gate check – I highly recommend it!
  2. Travel System:  The Zapp Xtra is compatible with Maxi-Cosi Prezi and Mico car seats.  An attachment can be purchased to fit many other infant car seat brands.  This stroller can truly be your one and only!
  3. Weight Limit:  The seat can hold a kid up to 50 pounds, a high limit for such a travel-friendly stroller.
  4. Fabric:  The seat fabric is actually spill and dirt repellant, making cleanup a breeze.  The stroller will stay looking nice use after use.
  5. Seat: The seat not only folds small, but is feature filled.  It can reverse and recline in BOTH directions.  Baby will stay comfortable any way you face them!

Check out this video for Tag A Long featuring the Quinny Zapp Xtra.  Shane is enjoying the ride!



Written by Vanessa

During a Q&A on EarlyMama.com, Vanessa described herself perfectly. “I am an actress, a spotlight hog, a performer looking for a stage; I am a researcher looking for the answers; I am a 5th Ave. girl stuck in a drool-covered T-shirt; and, most importantly, I am a mom looking for the best for her children.”

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