5 Reasons to LOVE: Valco Zee Two


  1. Basket: The storage room under the stroller is truly amazing.  It easily fits EVERYTHING you need for your day out in a deep, wide basket.  It is an over packer’s dream!!!
  2. Expandable:  Valco had the growing family in mind when they designed the Zee Two’s accessories.  The Joey seat fits in front of the two seats for a toddler and the Hitch Hiker for a preschooler!  That means the Zee Two can push 4 kids comfortably.  AMAZING!
  3. Seats: Comfortable, fully recline, adjustable footrest, and a built-in belly bar make my boys happy to get into this stroller. They both happily wiggle under the belly bar to get in and out. The 5 point harness buckle requires both sides to clip into the crotch buckle.  This is a great feature to make sure the kids are buckled correctly every time. Two separate canopies cover the seat fully reclined all the way to the belly bar.  My favorite stroller for a rainy day!
  4. Footprint: This might sound like a strange thing to discuss, but it makes a big difference when pushing the stroller in tight places.  The wheels are directly under the stroller, allowing you to squeeze into smaller places.  Think about pushing it through Bed Bath and Beyond without knocking over the end cap display of All-Clad pans…. an important feature!
  5. Ride:  This lightweight stroller performs surprising well on all terrains.  I have tested it out on trails, at zoos and even in and out of the barns at the fair!  It held up great: a smooth ride and an easy push!


Written by Vanessa

During a Q&A on EarlyMama.com, Vanessa described herself perfectly. “I am an actress, a spotlight hog, a performer looking for a stage; I am a researcher looking for the answers; I am a 5th Ave. girl stuck in a drool-covered T-shirt; and, most importantly, I am a mom looking for the best for her children.”

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